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The Role We Play as a Deli Owner in the Community

Few Things Every Deli Should Provide their Customers

We’re so used to wondering in and out of our local deli that sometimes we take for granted how much easier our life is because of them. There are certain things that all deli owners should have available to make it most useful for the consumers around their deli area.


picture of our deli meat

Let’s start with the sandwich section:

  1. As a deli owner myself, one of the things I face when ordering from other delis is that the people behind the counter are very absent-minded. If I say I do not want to mayonnaise on my sandwich, then please do not put any mayonnaise on my sandwich. It’s almost as if I have to watch closely to make sure that they are not accidentally putting it.
  2. Dying lettuce. This is another thing that bothers me a lot. A lot of delis serve sandwiches with expired lettuce. You know the ones I’m talking about, dark green, soggy sticking to the bread. Lettuce should be crisp and crunchy!
  3. Fresh bread. If you look at a sandwich, it is clear that over 50% of it is the bread. Then what do you think about the next point: the first thing that touches the customer’s mouth is the bread. Sounds obvious right? Meanwhile so many delis either make that thing is hard as a brick or soggy as boiled spinach.
  4. The last thing that is on this list would be the meat. A lot of people get low quality meat in bulk that starts to go bad halfway before expiry date. Charge more money if you have to but do not go down on the quality.

There’s one more thing that I would like to mention, that would be passion. The best delis that I have ever went to in first-hand business owners or family members that truly care about the food they serve run my experience.

Here at Copiague Bagel and Deli, we work as a team to bring the consistency that we would like to see if we were to visit another place. We have customers coming into your store driving upwards of 20 miles on a regular basis to get their bacon egg and cheese and custom made deluxe sandwiches to take home. Feel free to swing by our deli next time you are in the area!

Your Bacon Egg and Cheese – Made Right Every time

The Copiague community Loves their Bacon Egg and Cheese

If there’s one single meal that gets more attention than every other item on the menu, that will be our Bacon egg and cheese.  We New Yorkers love our “BEC” as they call it and can’t live without it. Weather it is something you’re grabbing right before work or you’re just hungry after a long day, nothing can satisfy your hunger quite like a fully loaded bacon egg and cheese sandwich!

picture of bagel with bacon

Being in New York, it is tradition to be extra good at making this simple sandwich.  Well the recipe is quite simple there are a few techniques to add into it to make it extra flavorful.  Here is the common breakdown of what we do to make our bacon egg and cheese really good:

1.    Stir the eggs, salt, milk, and pepper in in a cup or small bowl and make it all mix well.

2.    Take 1 tablespoon of butter in a nonstick pan and heated up. Pouring the mixture they just mixed and let it all cook a little well. Don’t keep interrupting this process.

3.   Take two pieces of toasted bread and spread remaining butter on each side. The skillet that is hot place the bread on it with the butter side faced down.

4.    Toaster sandwiches over some low heat turning it every now and then onto the bread is toasted from all sides and cheese is melted.

picture of thinly sliced bacon and other deli meat

That is simple enough right?  Not quite so. There’re a few small tweaks every bacon egg and cheese must have to really hit the spot. These little secrets only known by people who have been doing it for a long time. Starting with the Iron, you don’t want your sandwich to look pale.  This maybe something that people don’t say that they care about but I can tell he from experience that I like a sandwich that looks bright and yummy. The visual appearance of the sandwich has more often affect than you may realize. Using iron on the eggs creates a chemical reaction that makes the eggs look a little green – giving out the five that something is not right.

Another thing to make sure it’s not to overcook the eggs. Right after frying if you leave the eggs in the pan they will continue to overcook it and often make it a little hard, whether you’re somebody who likes a runny Orwell quote when it’s enough bacon egg and cheese everybody loves it a little runny.

Making The Perfect Deli Sandwich

Elements of Making the Perfect Deli Sandwich

What really goes into making a great sandwich?  If you’re looking to decipher that perfect sandwich from your favorite delicatessen, then keep reading! We are going to go over all the elements that are incorporated in bringing that sandwich you absolutely love, to life.

According to sandwich making professionals, being able to maximize flavor, get the perfect level of sogginess, while maintaining its structure to deliver the most well balanced and delicious sandwich, we must have the following.

freshly baked for deli sandwiches

Good Bread

 The most important element of a perfect deli sandwich is choosing the right bread. If you can acquire great bread, then you have half of a great sandwich. Deli’s often have freshly baked bread every day but you can get get good quality even if that means buying the higher quality bread at the supermarket. Poorer quality bread will significantly lower the overall taste and we don’t need that kind of negativity in our life!

The Meat

thinly sliced deli meat

Deli Restaurants often have the best and freshest meats available. These Deli meats are typically sliced thinly and then layered to provide a burst of flavor and also make them easier to eat.

The Toppings

Dressing your sandwich is also vital in making the perfect sandwich. You should be able to provide the best texture possible; i.e not making too soggy, too crunchy, or not maximizing the toppings for the best possible outcome.


Dry sandwiches are an absolute bore! How would you rate the level of sogginess you like in your sandwich? Some prefer the extra condiments that is just enough to make it taste better such as placing butter or mayo on the bread, while some enjoy extra sogginess in sandwiches as per personal preference.


The last trick is being able to layer sandwiches to maximize the taste so that it makes your taste buds dance from all the flavor. They should be meticulously placed so as to not overpower each other. Together, they should be great, but you want to be able to taste them separately. The next part of the structure is the size. They should also be able to fit in your mouth. Some sandwiches that are too big are difficult to eat and subsequently enjoy, which can be a big turn off.

girls eating sandwichesWhen you bite into your sandwich, the most satisfying thing is being able to taste all the wonderful flavors and also being able to see all the layers that went into it. So, we hope that with this article, you are able to experiment with different flavors and textures in your quest to making your very own take in the perfect sandwich!

Becoming a Kid Friendly Restaurant in Copiague, New York


When I opened Copiague Bagel & Deli, I didn’t think too much about creating separate menus for kids and adults. Now that it’s been a couple months that I’m running the business, I realize that many parents look assurance in restaurant menus when they are bringing their kids along. By nature of our food, children would already without a doubt find items that they would love. However, I began to think that it would be troublesome for those little ones to go through list of all the items in hopes to find something that they like. They are children after all, usually known to avoid eating food at all costs!


We have decided to finally include a kid section! This will not only be a combination of the food items we currently have but also include a new variety of finger foods that we just know little ones will love to devour. As a parent, we know that when you go out with your kids when the most important things that affect our experience is convenience. We got the perfect solution, goodie packages. For example: Fried beef, wrapped in lettuce and breadcrumbs which comes at the siding of a homemade chocolate cookie. How does that sound? It will start by bringing the carnivore right out of him and then end with satisfying that sweet tooth!

That’s just to scratch the surface, we will create same level delicious meals for kids from vegetarian families and our goal is to make it so the entire experience is very enjoyable. That doesn’t have to end just in that type of food – but we are considering little area where they can go grab crayons, coloring books to go with that meal!

Giving Back to the Copiague Community

Here at Copiague Bagels,  we’re always open to suggestions for what our community likes. With love and care from parents, we hope we can be a small part of the reason for why your kids grow up better humans and always we are always here, more than just a bagel shop.

How to Make Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken

Our Caesar salad with grilled chicken – What goes into it

One of the first things, when you are stepping into the healthy eating realm, is to get your taste buds into some classic Caesar salad with grilled chicken. Slightly toast the lettuce leaf under direct fire is one of the hidden secrets true the ones who love extra crisp! This causes the outer layer to be crunchy but the inner layer to be softer. It is one of our favorite choices for veggie lovers and healthy eaters at my shop. You can do this at home anytime.

  1. Start by putting a little bit of fire under the sauce. Once it’s starting to heat up put 2 tablespoons of coconut or olive oil. Then take the contents away and place a little bit of lemon juice and garlic into the leftover oil to get them going.
  2. Put some chicken in a plate and add half a cup of the dressing, occasionally flip the chicken breasts to let it heat on both sides, after that you can set this aside and leave it to get marinated.
  3. Take some eggs and disperse the yolk from the egg whites. Now, put the yolks in a separate small plate and add a little bit of dressing to it. Mix them together until they’re both very smooth. Sprinkle with some cheese according to your preference, this season would some salt-and-pepper.
  4. Time to turn on the grill – place the chicken breasts on the grill and let it cook while you keep turning it here and there. Do this for about 20 minutes along with the leaves that are going to go into it – one simple tip here is to make sure there’s some distance between the fire and the chicken so it doesn’t start to get black and hard.
  5. Toast some bread and dice it with the egg whites that you had dispersed before. Now just add the chicken which will have been diced up into the bolt of leaves and you have a serve warm ready Caesar salad that only needs the sauce and toppings of your choice start eating.

Stop by Copiague Bagel & Deli one day to see our master cook at work making this perfect in minutes!

How to Make a Perfect Pastrami Sandwich

Making the Best Home Made Pastrami Sandwich

There are very few things which can match the taste of a fresh sandwich filled with a hot pastrami. The bite starts with fresh bread and then goes into a salty smoky meet and ends with the kickoff sour veggies depending on what toppings you like. Growing up, I wasn’t too much into pastrami, I was more often grilled chicken guy but since I started owning my own restaurant you quickly move up in levels of taste. It is either that or the fact that I’m living in Copiague, New York. The bagels you find around every corner of New York is to give an arm for, the fresh smell, ever so lightly spread of cream cheese along with heavy stuffed meat and getting to choose your favorite toppings. The freshness of the bread and the saltiness of the meat with the toppings that I put in put a smile on my face every time I eat it.

Ever since I got into the Pastrami, I fell in love with the kick of flavor you get with every bite – and I couldn’t go back. At the same time, I wanted my customers who come in every day to enjoy the same level of satisfaction that I get because I make it in the morning fresh for myself. So I decided to settle with the only way which I could which was to start giving you the same experience at my shop.

I decided to make sure that I’m going to be making this from scratch every morning along with when we start making the bagels.

  1. We simmer a pastrami in broth until it’s hot. This is best done in a slow cooker.
  2. Select the type of bread that you will like, obviously this depends on a lot on preference but we always love rye.
  3. Add your copies of choice, onions, bell peppers, cucumbers.

If you’re trying to do a melt, that cheese should be hot and melted over the meat. However, if you do it right shouldn’t need to do that separately after you cook the pastrami and put the cheese over it and it will do its job naturally. Toast the bread until it’s perfect to preference and then enjoy!