Your Bacon Egg and Cheese – Made Right Every time

The Copiague community Loves their Bacon Egg and Cheese

If there’s one single meal that gets more attention than every other item on the menu, that will be our Bacon egg and cheese.  We New Yorkers love our “BEC” as they call it and can’t live without it. Weather it is something you’re grabbing right before work or you’re just hungry after a long day, nothing can satisfy your hunger quite like a fully loaded bacon egg and cheese sandwich!

picture of bagel with bacon

Being in New York, it is tradition to be extra good at making this simple sandwich.  Well the recipe is quite simple there are a few techniques to add into it to make it extra flavorful.  Here is the common breakdown of what we do to make our bacon egg and cheese really good:

1.    Stir the eggs, salt, milk, and pepper in in a cup or small bowl and make it all mix well.

2.    Take 1 tablespoon of butter in a nonstick pan and heated up. Pouring the mixture they just mixed and let it all cook a little well. Don’t keep interrupting this process.

3.   Take two pieces of toasted bread and spread remaining butter on each side. The skillet that is hot place the bread on it with the butter side faced down.

4.    Toaster sandwiches over some low heat turning it every now and then onto the bread is toasted from all sides and cheese is melted.

picture of thinly sliced bacon and other deli meat

That is simple enough right?  Not quite so. There’re a few small tweaks every bacon egg and cheese must have to really hit the spot. These little secrets only known by people who have been doing it for a long time. Starting with the Iron, you don’t want your sandwich to look pale.  This maybe something that people don’t say that they care about but I can tell he from experience that I like a sandwich that looks bright and yummy. The visual appearance of the sandwich has more often affect than you may realize. Using iron on the eggs creates a chemical reaction that makes the eggs look a little green – giving out the five that something is not right.

Another thing to make sure it’s not to overcook the eggs. Right after frying if you leave the eggs in the pan they will continue to overcook it and often make it a little hard, whether you’re somebody who likes a runny Orwell quote when it’s enough bacon egg and cheese everybody loves it a little runny.