The Role We Play as a Deli Owner in the Community

Few Things Every Deli Should Provide their Customers

We’re so used to wondering in and out of our local deli that sometimes we take for granted how much easier our life is because of them. There are certain things that all deli owners should have available to make it most useful for the consumers around their deli area.


picture of our deli meat

Let’s start with the sandwich section:

  1. As a deli owner myself, one of the things I face when ordering from other delis is that the people behind the counter are very absent-minded. If I say I do not want to mayonnaise on my sandwich, then please do not put any mayonnaise on my sandwich. It’s almost as if I have to watch closely to make sure that they are not accidentally putting it.
  2. Dying lettuce. This is another thing that bothers me a lot. A lot of delis serve sandwiches with expired lettuce. You know the ones I’m talking about, dark green, soggy sticking to the bread. Lettuce should be crisp and crunchy!
  3. Fresh bread. If you look at a sandwich, it is clear that over 50% of it is the bread. Then what do you think about the next point: the first thing that touches the customer’s mouth is the bread. Sounds obvious right? Meanwhile so many delis either make that thing is hard as a brick or soggy as boiled spinach.
  4. The last thing that is on this list would be the meat. A lot of people get low quality meat in bulk that starts to go bad halfway before expiry date. Charge more money if you have to but do not go down on the quality.

There’s one more thing that I would like to mention, that would be passion. The best delis that I have ever went to in first-hand business owners or family members that truly care about the food they serve run my experience.

Here at Copiague Bagel and Deli, we work as a team to bring the consistency that we would like to see if we were to visit another place. We have customers coming into your store driving upwards of 20 miles on a regular basis to get their bacon egg and cheese and custom made deluxe sandwiches to take home. Feel free to swing by our deli next time you are in the area!