How to Make a Perfect Pastrami Sandwich

Making the Best Home Made Pastrami Sandwich

There are very few things which can match the taste of a fresh sandwich filled with a hot pastrami. The bite starts with fresh bread and then goes into a salty smoky meet and ends with the kickoff sour veggies depending on what toppings you like. Growing up, I wasn’t too much into pastrami, I was more often grilled chicken guy but since I started owning my own restaurant you quickly move up in levels of taste. It is either that or the fact that I’m living in Copiague, New York. The bagels you find around every corner of New York is to give an arm for, the fresh smell, ever so lightly spread of cream cheese along with heavy stuffed meat and getting to choose your favorite toppings. The freshness of the bread and the saltiness of the meat with the toppings that I put in put a smile on my face every time I eat it.

Ever since I got into the Pastrami, I fell in love with the kick of flavor you get with every bite – and I couldn’t go back. At the same time, I wanted my customers who come in every day to enjoy the same level of satisfaction that I get because I make it in the morning fresh for myself. So I decided to settle with the only way which I could which was to start giving you the same experience at my shop.

I decided to make sure that I’m going to be making this from scratch every morning along with when we start making the bagels.

  1. We simmer a pastrami in broth until it’s hot. This is best done in a slow cooker.
  2. Select the type of bread that you will like, obviously this depends on a lot on preference but we always love rye.
  3. Add your copies of choice, onions, bell peppers, cucumbers.

If you’re trying to do a melt, that cheese should be hot and melted over the meat. However, if you do it right shouldn’t need to do that separately after you cook the pastrami and put the cheese over it and it will do its job naturally. Toast the bread until it’s perfect to preference and then enjoy!

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