Becoming a Kid Friendly Restaurant in Copiague, New York


When I opened Copiague Bagel & Deli, I didn’t think too much about creating separate menus for kids and adults. Now that it’s been a couple months that I’m running the business, I realize that many parents look assurance in restaurant menus when they are bringing their kids along. By nature of our food, children would already without a doubt find items that they would love. However, I began to think that it would be troublesome for those little ones to go through list of all the items in hopes to find something that they like. They are children after all, usually known to avoid eating food at all costs!


We have decided to finally include a kid section! This will not only be a combination of the food items we currently have but also include a new variety of finger foods that we just know little ones will love to devour. As a parent, we know that when you go out with your kids when the most important things that affect our experience is convenience. We got the perfect solution, goodie packages. For example: Fried beef, wrapped in lettuce and breadcrumbs which comes at the siding of a homemade chocolate cookie. How does that sound? It will start by bringing the carnivore right out of him and then end with satisfying that sweet tooth!

That’s just to scratch the surface, we will create same level delicious meals for kids from vegetarian families and our goal is to make it so the entire experience is very enjoyable. That doesn’t have to end just in that type of food – but we are considering little area where they can go grab crayons, coloring books to go with that meal!

Giving Back to the Copiague Community

Here at Copiague Bagels,  we’re always open to suggestions for what our community likes. With love and care from parents, we hope we can be a small part of the reason for why your kids grow up better humans and always we are always here, more than just a bagel shop.