How to Make Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken

Our Caesar salad with grilled chicken – What goes into it

One of the first things, when you are stepping into the healthy eating realm, is to get your taste buds into some classic Caesar salad with grilled chicken. Slightly toast the lettuce leaf under direct fire is one of the hidden secrets true the ones who love extra crisp! This causes the outer layer to be crunchy but the inner layer to be softer. It is one of our favorite choices for veggie lovers and healthy eaters at my shop. You can do this at home anytime.

  1. Start by putting a little bit of fire under the sauce. Once it’s starting to heat up put 2 tablespoons of coconut or olive oil. Then take the contents away and place a little bit of lemon juice and garlic into the leftover oil to get them going.
  2. Put some chicken in a plate and add half a cup of the dressing, occasionally flip the chicken breasts to let it heat on both sides, after that you can set this aside and leave it to get marinated.
  3. Take some eggs and disperse the yolk from the egg whites. Now, put the yolks in a separate small plate and add a little bit of dressing to it. Mix them together until they’re both very smooth. Sprinkle with some cheese according to your preference, this season would some salt-and-pepper.
  4. Time to turn on the grill – place the chicken breasts on the grill and let it cook while you keep turning it here and there. Do this for about 20 minutes along with the leaves that are going to go into it – one simple tip here is to make sure there’s some distance between the fire and the chicken so it doesn’t start to get black and hard.
  5. Toast some bread and dice it with the egg whites that you had dispersed before. Now just add the chicken which will have been diced up into the bolt of leaves and you have a serve warm ready Caesar salad that only needs the sauce and toppings of your choice start eating.

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