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Making The Perfect Deli Sandwich

Elements of Making the Perfect Deli Sandwich

What really goes into making a great sandwich?  If you’re looking to decipher that perfect sandwich from your favorite delicatessen, then keep reading! We are going to go over all the elements that are incorporated in bringing that sandwich you absolutely love, to life.

According to sandwich making professionals, being able to maximize flavor, get the perfect level of sogginess, while maintaining its structure to deliver the most well balanced and delicious sandwich, we must have the following.

freshly baked for deli sandwiches

Good Bread

 The most important element of a perfect deli sandwich is choosing the right bread. If you can acquire great bread, then you have half of a great sandwich. Deli’s often have freshly baked bread every day but you can get get good quality even if that means buying the higher quality bread at the supermarket. Poorer quality bread will significantly lower the overall taste and we don’t need that kind of negativity in our life!

The Meat

thinly sliced deli meat

Deli Restaurants often have the best and freshest meats available. These Deli meats are typically sliced thinly and then layered to provide a burst of flavor and also make them easier to eat.

The Toppings

Dressing your sandwich is also vital in making the perfect sandwich. You should be able to provide the best texture possible; i.e not making too soggy, too crunchy, or not maximizing the toppings for the best possible outcome.


Dry sandwiches are an absolute bore! How would you rate the level of sogginess you like in your sandwich? Some prefer the extra condiments that is just enough to make it taste better such as placing butter or mayo on the bread, while some enjoy extra sogginess in sandwiches as per personal preference.


The last trick is being able to layer sandwiches to maximize the taste so that it makes your taste buds dance from all the flavor. They should be meticulously placed so as to not overpower each other. Together, they should be great, but you want to be able to taste them separately. The next part of the structure is the size. They should also be able to fit in your mouth. Some sandwiches that are too big are difficult to eat and subsequently enjoy, which can be a big turn off.

girls eating sandwichesWhen you bite into your sandwich, the most satisfying thing is being able to taste all the wonderful flavors and also being able to see all the layers that went into it. So, we hope that with this article, you are able to experiment with different flavors and textures in your quest to making your very own take in the perfect sandwich!